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    Jiangsu Haosheng Plastic Technology Co., Ltd is located in Xu Xiake Town, Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province(The hometown of the famous travel saint Xu Xiake).The company covers an area of more than 58 mu and has a building area of more than 28,000 square meters. It is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the production of foamed materials mainly including polypropylene and polyethylene adopting the principle of polymer resin foaming.

    The main functions of EPP products produced by Jiangsu Haosheng are: Black material for automobile, white material for packaging, color environment-friendly material for toys, anti-ultraviolet and anti-oxidation material, conductive material, semi-conductive material, anti-static material, high flame-retardant material and insulation and buffer material.

    Since its establishment, the company has established a professional technical team, and owned advanced producing technology, precise testing instruments, stable quality assurance system and perfect sales service system. The company conducts quality management from the aspect of both hardware and software. On the one hand, it keeps introducing high-level technology and management experts, on the other hand, it is equipped with a number of automatic NC foaming production lines developed independently, producing 6000 tons of EPP and 1000 tons of EPE every year. Since its inception, products have been sold to many cities, and the company has won many well-known companies’ praises because of its high-quality products, and sincere service.

    The company is focused on the building of the brand of Haosheng. It keeps the business purpose of "scientific and technological innovation, to be honesty, service for customers " , and tries its best to share the mutual benefits and common development with new and old customers! We sincerely welcome friends from home and abroad to visit the Haosheng plastic industry and cooperate to create a better tomorrow together with us!



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